Active Release Technique

What is Active Release Technique?

The technique of ART generally referred to as Active Release Technique, is fairly recent. Its aim is to help those individuals who experience mobility due to postoperative complications, injuries or extreme overuse of musculoskeletal system. Such tissue or muscle injuries are very common among the sports persons and other individuals who lead a sporty and active lifestyle. These injuries also pertain to problems in fascia, ligament, muscles and tendons.
One of the latest ways to treat these problems and the pain caused by them is A.R.T. As mentioned before, it is a technique that can treat the problems regarding pain in the nerves and soft tissues. It can also resolve other issues such as shoulder pain, knee pain, back pain, Sciatica and plantar fasciitis. It can easily and permanently resolve tennis elbow, headache and shin splints too.
The technique was developed and patented by Dr. Michael Leahy upon finding that the symptoms revealed by his patients were linked to the changes in their overused muscles and soft tissues because of microtrauma, acute conditions such as collisions, tears and pulls or Hypoxia.

Due to all these problems, the body starts to develop tough and dense scar tissues in the affected region. Tissues that roam freely in the body are confined to a particular area as the scar tissues binds and tie them up. The muscles become shorter and weaker and the nerves are trapped. As a result, individual begin to experience pain, numbness, weakness, loss of strength, tingling and reduced range of motion.
The Active Release Technique is proven beneficial for the problems that occur due to above mentioned complications. Dr. Michael Leahy found how nerves, ligaments, fascia, muscles and tendons respond to different kind of works and was able to remove more than 95% of his patients’ problems.
Unlike trigger point therapy and cross fibre friction, this technique involves both the client and the therapist. In most of the cases, the therapist moves the patient’s body parts without the patient’s assistance. He will shorten the muscle, apply pressure on the belly and slowly stretch limb to its full extension. This technique is generally referred to as ‘Stretch and Pin’ method.
The professional may also ask the patient to move a body part in a specific manner such as rotate, extend or flex while he applies regular pressure to the different areas of the muscle. If you feel any discomfort or pain during the treatment, you should let the doctor know immediately. Like many other techniques, there is generally residual soreness from accessing the deeper layer of muscle, fascia and tissues. Epsom salt bath is always recommended to reduce the pain and soreness after each session.
If you wish to try the A.R.T. and you live in Las Vegas, Nevada.

You can easily find Active Release Technique Las Vegas from specialist who have been certified and trained to provide the treatment. There are more than 300 specific movements used in this technique. Unlike other types of treatment, it is not a cookie cutter approach, it is very personalized. Each patient is treated according to his need and condition.

One of the most renowned A.R.T. specialist in the West Coast has a clinic called the Las Vegas Pain Relief Center. His name is Dr. Petrick and if your seeking pain management doctors Las Vegas, you can visit his website here.

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Pain Management Henderson, NV

Best Pain Management Specialist in Henderson, NV

We nowadays all have a very demanding lifestyle. We often have demanding jobs and our habits in day to day life make it difficult at times to be very healthy. Devoting time for our own well being seems at times to be a leisure that we can’t afford. Due to such circumstances, a lot of us go through severe ordeals physically as well as mentally. One of such ordeals is having a body pain. A pain we have in a particular part of our body may be longstanding or it may go away quickly but as long as it there the pain makes it very difficult to stay at ease. Having a pain means that you should take things slow and not just overstress yourself with too much emotional and physical hard work.

There are different kinds of pain that humans suffer from. They vary in intensity and in area of the body where the pain is occurring. A pain might be quite acute and severe but not last for a long time. Acute pains like this might range anywhere from lasting a few hours to a few days. A chronic pain, on the other hand, can be very discomforting and can last for months or even years. Unlike acute pains which often serve as a warning signal for us to be more attentive towards ourselves, chronic pains generally originate from certain health damages which are more or less of permanent nature and not much can be done about it. For example, arthritic pain tends to be chronic as they generally last for several years. Although arthritic pain can be controlled to some degree, generally this pain cannot be fully removed once a person starts suffering from arthritis.

If you live in Nevada, and you are having such chronic or acute pains, las vegas pain management specialist can bring you relief from such acute and long lasting pains. Pain management specialist are equipped with the best state of the art technology to help in medical services and a staff of wonderful doctors having both dynamism and experience to accurately diagnose health issues related to body pain.

Generally bone pains such as arthritis pain and pain in the spinal cord, the vertebrae and the disks tend to be chronic. Chronic pain treatments are challenging and require an extensive diagnosis. Many times, treatment of chronic pains involve a use of different types of drugs, specific exercises to facilitate body and arm movement, taking rest and trying to practice having a light and happy mood.

You can also find help for Pain management in Henderson, NV. There are many programs that are especially made for treating patients with chronic pains. Inflammations in the cervical facet may cause pain in the upper neck area of the spinal cord. A Cervical Facet Joint Injection is a procedure carried out to treat pain in this area. Joint injections are given to patients having arthritic pain in areas like the knees, hips and shoulders. Bone erosions in legs can create acute pain and a joint injection can bring relief to the patient in such cases.

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The job of a Chiropractor

The job of a Chiropractor is very challenging. They diagnose and carry out the treatment. They help in prevention of mechanical disorder pertaining to the musculoskeletal system and they examine the impact of these disorders on the functioning of general health and nervous system.

The main objective of the Chiropractor is to relieve pain, enhance mobility and make the patients retain full health and movement. The treatment may suggest utilizing of hands to apply a particular force to help in the adjustment of the joints in the body. Check out this site for more information.

Chiropractors usually help in treatment of acute conditions that comprise of shoulder, back and neck problems and also joint, posture and muscle problems. It is seen that the treatment is generally made in such a way so as to motivate the healing processes in the body. There is no inclusion of any drugs or surgery in the treatment.

There are social and psychological factors involved in this profession. There is immense value of working in sync with the other healthcare professionals.

Most of the time of the Chiropractors is spent in having consultations with the patients and their tasks include making extensive medical histories. They include details on past topics, surgery and general health.


The Chiropractors conduct physical assessments of patients and focus on the spine and posture. They keep check on the range of movement. One more task that the Chiropractors do is to interpret the x-rays and also keep the blood pressure in check. They perform various medical tests.

The do adjustments on the spine joints by using their hands. They indulge in soft tissue therapies like massage. They give various tips to the patients like rehabilitation exercises to help in long duration recovery and methods to make sure health is take care of in a proper manner. The Chiropractors also maintain precise and confidential clinical records.

How back pain is caused?

Back pain is usually a very common complaint. Nearly eighty percent of the American people suffer from low back pain once in their lives. It has been seen that the back pain is a main reason why people are not present on work and there are frequent visits to the doctor. It can be highly painful and cause a great discomfort.

Back pain can affect people of any age. It is common with the adult people who are aged between 35 to 55 years. It is linked with how our bones, muscles and ligaments work together. Generally, the lower back pain is associated with discs between vertebrae, spine and discs, spinal cord and nerves and pelvic internal organs.

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When there is pain in upper back it can be due to tumours in the chest and also inflammation of the spine. There are some factors that are associated with a greater risk of getting affected with low back pain. One factor is indulging in a job that is mentally stressful. It has been seen that pregnant women have greater chances of getting affected by back pain. One more factor is living an inactive lifestyle. The adults that are old are more prone to get affected with low back pain than children or young adults.

Anxiety and depression are other factors that lead to low back pain. Back pain is more common in women as compared to men. If one has excess of weight, it can lead to back pain. Smoking is also a factor that leads to back pain.

If one indulges in physical exercises and particularly if they are not done in a proper manner it can cause back pain. The main symptom of back pain is a pain in the back and also down to the legs and buttocks.

There are many different treatments and pain management clinics that specialize in relieving back pain. One highly effective technique in back pain relief is Active Release Technique (A.R.T).

Watch Dr. Petrick use Active Release Technique to help his patient with his lower back pain.

One of the premiere clinics of Active Release Technique Las Vegas is called the Las Vegas Pain Relief Center. The owner Dr. Petrick has worked on top professional athletes. He is also on the very popular reality series The Ultimate Fighter as the team doctor. Click the link below to watch this video to see how Dr. Petrick uses A.R.T to help people with their pain management in Las Vegas.